I know a lot of secrets … like who chewed up Mama’s shoes… and the bench… and who hid­ed the dog­gy brush she left on the porch…

But this secret I will tell you:
Our fur is so nice and shiny, because Mama gives us a spoon full of cot­tage cheese every day, and Fri­days we eat fish and every Sun­day: we get an egg!
In the sum­mer, when we hop in and out of the pool — with Chlo­rin — Mama gives us Omega3 pills every oth­er day,. and every night, before bed­time she pets us with a mix­ture of coconut oil and one of these oils:

—Copai­ba, Vetiv­er or Laven­der — that also calms us down

—Roman Chamomile — Mama also likes that in tea!

—Malaleu­ca — if our skin is itchy, red or flaky

—Lemon­grass — that also keeps the Mos­qui­tos away!

But there are many more, like: Basil, Gera­ni­um, Juniper, Lemon,Patchouli, Rose, Rose­mary and Thyme