This is my Story

Mama take me to the doctor,

because I couldn´t walk on me left hind leg and I had some open wounds in my face.
So, after Break­fast Mama sprayed the car with Laven­dar Water (because it was my first car ride and she was­n’t sure how I like it) Then she showed me how to dri­ve.
I hang my head out of the win­dow and make sure I bark at every­thing that moves. When we get to the big Road, Mama clos­es the win­dow and I have to look over her shoul­der and growl when I see some­thing. So she knows. Me is a good dri­ver Mama said!

The doc­tor told Mama that my leg and ribs are bro­ken because some­one kicked me from the top.
I already knew that, but Mama didn´t and she cried — so I gave her kiss­es until she stopped. Me is a good boy!

Doc­tor said I need to stay off my leg as much as pos­si­ble at least 6 to 8 weeks. If the leg doesn´t heal by itself, we need surgery or it has to be ampu­tat­ed… what­ev­er that means — Mama didn´t tell me. 

Mama tried to keep me as calm as pos­si­ble, and car­ried me all over the place in her giant purse.

The wounds on my face were another story:

The doc­tor told Mama that they came from putting out burn­ing cig­a­rettes on my face. 
Mama got so angry and said when I´m a big boy we´ll find that …  Mama said I´m not allowed to say that word. But who­ev­er did this — she said I can eat him 🙂 
And I do what­ev­er mama sais: so watch out!

Mama mixed Frank­in­cense and Coconut Oil and put it on te wounds. Some­times Daisy or Ranger liked it off — then she did it again and again, some­times 5 times day …
After 3 or 4 days the wounds were healed pret­ty good. Mama said, me is such a pret­ty boy, we don´t want scars.
So she shared her “wrin­kle” oil with me. It´s called IMMORTELLE and it has a lot of good oils in it. Mama say it keeps away wrin­kles from her and scars from me.
She shared that for 2 or 3 days until it was all gone.