Hi, me is Marley

Me is a Ger­man Shep­herd Mix. I know that because I under­stand what my ger­man Mama sais, and I like to eat Bratwurst! And when Mama don´t look: I lick her beer bottle 😉

I am here to tell you all about my Sis­ter Daisy, my Broth­er Ranger and how our Mama takes care of us. She feeds us good food and cooks and bakes for us. She also uses essen­tial oils to keep us healthy. And if we don´t feel good —  Mama always knows what to do.

Look into my Blog and fol­low me on Face­book and Insta­gram, and you´ll find my Mama´s tipps and tricks.
And when you are a good boy, you can write me a com­ment or e‑mail and I will answer you: woof-promise!