We lives in Texas. It is HOT here!

We loves our lit­tle pool. We go in and out of the water aaaall day long. And the green­er the water the bet­ter it taste!
Well — me think so. Mama not.  Mama said we are pigs. She don´t want the yum­my green all­gy stuff in there, so she does:

  • wipe the bot­tom with some vine­gar water
  • 3 drops of Pep­per­mint Oil in the small pool and 7–10 into the big one

This keeps the all­gy away for at least a week 🙂


Even­though 4th of July was yes­ter­day, fire­works were still going off all around us. 
My sis­ter Daisy was very scared and hid­ed under Mamas bed. Ranger said he pro­tect us and he barked and barked telling every­one to stop it… but the humans didn´t lis­ten to him.

And me, me was a lit­tle bit scared, too.

Mama start­ed the dif­fuser and put in 1 drop of each: Vetiv­er, Patchouli and Gera­ni­um1 (that´s Daisy´s favorite) — she said this will bal­ance all of us …
She got Daisy and we all sat on the Couch togeth­er watch­ing TV

Mama got a lit­tle “spritz” bot­tle where she delutet equal amounts of Laven­dar, Berg­amot and Ylang Ylang in Coconut Oil.
She put some on her hands and petet all of us. I always fall asleep when we´re on the couch with Mama — and she tells us how goooood we smell 🙂 

This is Mamas CALMING RECIPE that lit­tle bot­tle is always at her fin­ger­tips — when my sib­lings, and me pro­tect the house and bark too much — she pets us with that and sais we did a good job and now can rest! We good Fur-Babies!


1 Calm­ing Dif­fuser: There are many blends for the dif­fuser to calm your Fur-Babies: You can also try: Laven­dar, Frank­in­cense and Orange or just the Seren­i­ty Blend, one of my favorite Bed-Time oils