Hi, my name is Marley.
Me is a Ger­man Shep­herd Mix.

On July 4th 2018 I wake up at the side of the road, when two dogs, Daisy and Ranger were look­ing at me.
They scared me. But they were very friend­ly and they called their Mama — she came run­ning and picked me up and take me in the house.

I was very thirsty — you know it is hot in Texas!
Mama gave me water — and it tast­ed real­ly good — lat­er I found out Mama puts a tiny drop of LEMON OIL in our Water 1. She sais it keeps our teeth healthy and clean. Then she feed me and looked at my face. I had a lot of open wounds.
Me was very scared and my leg hurt ganz viel.

Mama mixed some Coconut Oil with a drop of Frankincenseand padded it on my wounds in my face.
That felt reaaaaaaly good. Mama said me is a beautiful puppy and we don´t want scars.

Then she got a glass bot­tle with water that smelled real­ly nice — It was Laven­dar water3
I calm down and Mama lay me next to Rangers on his bed.

I start­ed cry­ing a lit­tle, then Mama sing to me:

… Rise up this morn­ing, smile with the ris­ing sun
Three lit­tle birds pitch by my doorstep
Sin­gin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true
Sayin’, this is my mes­sage to you

Sin­gin’, don’t wor­ry about a thing
‘Cause every lit­tle thing is gonna be alright
Sin­gin’, don’t wor­ry about a thing
‘Cause every lit­tle thing gonna be alright … ”

This is how I got my Name: (Bob) Marley 🙂

This is MY song.
LEMON OIL in our Water 1: I buy a Gal­lon of Dis­tilled Water — just for the dogs —  and add one or two drops of lemon oil to it. It keeps their teeth healthy and they love the taste.
Laven­dar Water2 : Always start with a very small amount of essen­tial oils. Just like humans, every ani­mal reacts dif­fer­n­ty. In this case I mixed one drop of Laven­dar with one Liter (about 32 fl Oz) of dis­tilled water.If pos­si­ble, always mix Oils in Glass Bot­tles sup­posed to Plas­tic. Frank­in­cense and Coconut Oil3 : In this case I took some Coconut Oil and melt­ed it in my hands and used ONE drop of Frank­in­cense. With a Q‑Tip I gen­tly put it on his wounds mak­ing sure not to hurt him any more.