… and stay away!

After tak­ing one of my five dai­ly nap­pies, Mama picked me up and took me to the show­er. There she opened this thing and all this fun wet stuff came out no mat­ter how much I barked at it!
While I was busy bark­ing and bit­ing at the wet stuff — Mama put Dawn Dish Soap on me. She said that will take care of  fleas, in case I had any. 
My broth­er Ranger had a lot of them when Mama found him  —  Ranger said it was mis­er­able, the creepy, crawlies bitet him all over… but the Dawn Dish Soap made them go away.

Then Mama let me play some more in the show­er — while she got my new collar.

To make the fleas and ticks STAY AWAY, this is what Mama does: Every Sun­day*, she soaks our colars in this stuff: 
4oz of dis­tilled water
10 drops Euca­lyp­tus
10 drops Repel­lent Blend
10 drops Lemon­grass

*Every two weeks is OK too, Mama just likes to be over protective.

Bit­ing and bark­ing at all that show­er water made me sleepy… I had to take a post-show­er-nap. I hope Mama wakes me before Dinner …