It’s April in Texas, the weath­er is get­ting warmer and snakes are com­ing out. They are hav­ing their babies now, so the Mama snakes are very pro­tec­tive and the baby snakes hurt even more than the big ones, because they can’t con­trol their bit­ing yet…  kin­da like me, Mama sais.

Espe­cial­ly my broth­er Ranger and I like to play at the lake and sniff around those big rocks. Where the snakes like to hide. Mama always sais not to, but we do it any­way …

Last year Ranger did get bit by a snake and here is what Mama did:

Clean the area and put 1 to 2 drops of either Basil or Tea Tree Oil on the wound to dis­in­fect it. Repeat this every 2 hours until you can get to the vet.

Go to the vet as soon as you can — Snake bites are very painful and some snakes are poi­so­nous.

Keep calm: Mama keeps her­self and us calm, by putting a lit­tle laven­der on her wrists and pet­ting us behind the ears with it. We need that, because none of us like going to the vet. Sor­ry Doc, noth­ing per­son­al!

After you’ve seen Doc, you can use 1 to 2 drops Frank­in­cense and/or Helichry­sum twice a day to speed up heal­ing of the wound.

Mama always adds a drop of Lemon Oil to our water (good for our chop­pers and gums) but if we’re sick, she puts a drop of pro­tec­tive blend In there. That tastes even bet­ter! And she sais it’s a lot of healthy!

Poor Ranger did’t want to play for 2 days and his nose was swollen — but then he was as good as new again and we were back at the lake play­ing — but don’t tell Mama!!!!